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Aetna Health Insurance Quotes
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Aetna is one of the biggest health insurance companies out there. It's a trusted name in health insurance service. But, it's much more than just an insurance company.

Aetna started out as a small insurance company in Hartford, Connecticut, issuing its first insurance plan in 1850. Since then, it has grown to have almost 15 million members in just its medical insurance program.

The company offers more than just regular health insurance. It also has prescriptions drugs, dental coverage, mental health services, long-term programs, special plans for the disabled, and health care products.

Aetna is actually a giant network with all kinds of members. You can buy your insurance policy directly from Aetna. It also provides membership for employers, health insurance companies and health care professionals.

If you want to take out an individual plan, Aetna helps you through each step. You can apply online and get a free quote from their website. It also provides their 800 number so you can contact them at any time. Aetna has a wide variety of plans available, and allows you to customize your insurance plan to meet your health needs.

For small businesses (those that employ fewer than 50 people), Aetna offers special group plans. The small group programs differ from state to state, and are designed to be comprehensive. They are especially made for different industries. The risks associated with a certain industry can be predicted.

For larger companies, there are two kinds of plans available: National Accounts, for those with more than 3,000 eligible employees; and Middle Market, for those with between 50 and 3,000 eligible participants. There is no one-size-fits-all program that suits every company. When you apply with Aetna, you give them specific information about your business's labor force. This helps them assess your particular needs and offer you an ideal plan for your organization.

One of the benefits of using Aetna for individuals is that you can buy your prescription medications online through them. If your doctor is a member of Aetna, there is no paperwork or hassle involved. You can order your drugs, have a prescription refilled and track your order with the click of the mouse.

Aetna has a reputation for its trustworthiness. In 2002, a survey called the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index was started, and Aetna was one of the 11 companies that scored a perfect 100% on its human rights index. In the years since, Aetna has hung onto that perfect score.

Aetna also provides its members a wealth of information. The Aetna website if full of useful resources, including your own personal profile page. If you are an Aetna member, you can create your own page on their site, making it easy for you to navigate and look at your personal information. A comprehensive FAQ and glossary makes it easy to find the exact information you need to know.

Because Aetna is such a huge network of health care professionals and companies, members have lots of flexibility. You can choose a doctor that you like out of their member lists in your area.

You can also find more information at Individual Health Insurance and International Health Insurance . Medicalhealthinsuranceguide.org is a comprehensive resource to get help about health insurance.

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