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- Save with lower monthly premiums. Rest assured that you’re covered for life’s sudden health emergencies.

- Save at the doctor’s office. Your expense is limited to a copay for the first two office visits each year (excluding preventive care). All of your in-network preventive care visits are covered with a copay and no deductible.

- Save on prescription drugs. After meeting a lower deductible, you pay only a $15 copay for generic drugs, and get discounts on brand name prescriptions.

- Save by using in-network doctors. You can see any doctor you like. However, you’ll notice significant savings when you use doctors within CareFirst’s Preferred Provider Network, which includes more than 32,000 providers and 68 hospitals throughout Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia
Get Your Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield Maryland Indivudual and Family Health Insurance Quotes
Medical Benefits You Pay (In Network)
Preventive Services Routine Adult Physical $30 per visit (no deductible)
Well-Child Care (including exams and immunizations) $30 per visit (no deductible)
Routine OB/GYN Visits $30 per visit (no deductible)
PAP test, Mammograms, Prostate Screening & Colorectal Screening Office Visits, Labs and Testing Office Visits (excluding preventive care) 1-2 visits 3+ visits No charge $30 per visit (no deductible) Deductible & Coinsurance
X-ray and Lab Tests Deductible & Coinsurance
Allergy Treatments Emergency Care Emergency Room Deductible & Coinsurance Deductible & Coinsurance
Urgent Care Center Deductible & Coinsurance
Ambulance (when medically necessary) Hospitalization Inpatient Facility Services Deductible & Coinsurance Deductible & Coinsurance
Inpatient Physician Services Deductible & Coinsurance
Outpatient Facility Services Deductible & Coinsurance
Outpatient Physician Services Vision Services Routine Annual Exam (administered by Davis Vision) Prescription Drug Benefits Deductible Deductible & Coinsurance $10 $150
Generic Copay $15
Preferred Brand Copay Discount
Non-Preferred Brand Copay Discount
Annual Maximum (per person) $1,500 (generic drugs)

Care received out-of-network is subject to higher deductibles and coinsurance. There is a 10-month pre-existing condition exclusion period.

*Optional Extended Maternity Services may be added for you or your covered spouse or domestic partner. For an additional $126 a month, you'll receive benefits for covered pre-and postnatal care as well as covered services associated with the delivery. If you add maternity coverage, at any time, and you are pregnant on the effective date of your coverage, there will be a 10-month pre-existing condition exclusion period for extended maternity and related services. is 7272 Cradlerock Way Suite 100 Columbia MD 21045 Toll Free (888)490-8782