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Disability Income Insurance :

Disability Income Insurance policies pay you when you are disabled due to Accident and / or Illness. Consider the coverage as insurance for your earnings when you cannot work or earn income due to disability.

We offer disability insurance from the top carriers in your state, ensuring competitive premiums and coverage excellence.

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If you are considering getting disability insurance, you are on the right track. It is a good idea for most people to get this type of insurance. It will help to keep you from getting over your head in debt if something unexpected should happen to you. The basic policy will go a long way, but there are some optional insurance riders that might make the policy even more useful to you, especially if you are young.

One of the most useful riders for anyone to have is the residual disability rider. A lot of times when people are sick or injured they don't just get sick or recover all at once. It is a gradual process, and they might be able to work part time or perform part of their job duties when they are in the process of recovery. Without this rider, their disability would cut off if they went back to work part time. The rider makes it so that they can work a part time schedule and get a portion of their salary from the insurance company to help make up for the decrease in salary that this would entail.

Another rider that is especially useful for people who are young is the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) rider. This only comes into effect if you are out on disability for more than a year. Without the rider you would get the same benefits each year, even if you were out on disability insurance for the rest of your life. With the COLA rider you get a small percentage increase in your benefits each year to make up for the increase in the cost of living that comes about as time goes on. People that are close to retirement age probably don't need to worry about getting this rider since it wouldn't add up to a lot of money for them, and it isn't as likely that they would need to use it.

A final rider to consider is the future increase option rider. This is great for people just starting out in their careers. It allows you to increase your coverage as you get higher paying jobs so that you can keep your coverage at about the same level as your salary. Otherwise you would be stuck with your insurance at the same level as when you first got it, or you would have to arrange for a new disability insurance policy.

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A lot of people don't bother getting disability insurance. They figure they don't need it. However, this type of insurance can really make a difference should something happen to you that kept you from working for any length of time. Most people can't afford to go without working for more than a few weeks or a few months. However, a difficult pregnancy or a long illness can keep you out of work for longer than that. Unless you have a lot of savings for emergencies or a lot of money in general, it would be a good idea to get this type of insurance.

Many people think that the disability insurance provided by their employer will be enough, but most of these policies have a maximum amount that they pay out per month, which is usually about 60 percent of your salary or even less if you have a pretty high salary since there is a cap on how much they will pay. Also, the benefits you get from work are taxed, so you will end up with even less than the 60 percent you might be expecting. A supplemental policy might be necessary in order to meet all of your expenses. Check into the insurance that is provided by your employer to see what the terms and conditions are so you are prepared should something happen.

Some people think that since they have a desk job they are not likely to be injured, or that since they are young they don't need disability insurance. However, a lot of people in their 30s end up using this type of insurance each year. Usually these policies cover illnesses and difficult pregnancies as well as accidents, so they are just as useful (or more useful) for younger individuals as they are for older individuals.

People also tend to think that they don't need to pay out of their pocket for disability insurance because they will be able to get money from workers comp or social security disability insurance benefits. However, money from these sources is not available for all of the conditions that are covered under insurance for disability. Social security requires you to be out of work for a long time and is very difficult to get approved for, and workers comp only covers workplace injuries, not illnesses or pregnancy.

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