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Tips to Finding Affordable Health Insurance in Maryland DC and Virginia

Individual health policies are for those who are responsible for their own health insurance expenses. My best recommendation is that you have a Health Insurance Broker licensed in your state assist you make the best decision. The coverage you should choose is determined by your particular needs and those of your family.

Examples of specific considerations:
-Maternity and Fertility coverage
If your family is young and growing, you will want to consider a policy that includes maternity care from the onset. Blue Cross and to some degree Kaiser do offer plans that may provide fertility coverage.

-Prescription Plans
Some plans have prescription plans that only cover generic drugs while most do cover preferred brands. It is just good to know what you are going to get.

-Doctor Networks
Check and see if your doctor is included. Typically PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans provide the most freedom of choice and greater flexibility as compare to HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) . Traditional Plans or Indemnity plans do not have network restrictions.

-Preventative Care Packages
If you can opt for a plan that includes a preventative plan without having to first meet a deductible. Preventative Care usually includes Annual Physical, OB/GYN Exams, Mammograms, PSA screening and well child care.

-Dental and Vision are pretty important but do not allow these to disproportionately affect your Major Medical plan decision. If need be get them separately and focus on a health plan that is solid and that meets your needs.

Be diligent, compare plans and comb through the outlines of coverage. My little rule is that the better insurance companies have simple and easy to understand plans as opposed to those that present you volumes of literature and very little coverage.



Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield probably offers the most coverage for the best price in DC. The savings are pretty substantial.


Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield both serve Northern Virginia but their territories do not overlap. They both offer very comprehensive and competitively priced plans. Most Plans include a nice preventative package - Contact your broker to determine which side of the fence you are on. (HMO & PPO) Blue Cross Blue Shield boasts the biggest PPO network in the DC metro area.

Kaiser Permanente (HMO) offer very inclusive and competitive plans in this area too. This company's plans almost always include maternity for no extra cost.

Golden Rule (United Healthcare) also offers Health Plans in some Northern VA zip codes. Great PPO and HSA plans offered.


Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield offers very comprehensive and competitively priced plans. The majority of the Plans include the important preventative package. (HMO & PPO) Blue Cross Blue Shield boasts the biggest PPO network in the DC metro area. Do Consider the Blue Preferred Plan. The Blue Choice Saver plan offers great outpatient benefits at an affordable price . At the writting of this article, both the Blue Choice and BlueChoice Saver Plans in Maryland offer maternity benefits without addition premium.

Kaiser Permanente (HMO) offer very inclusive and competitive plans in this area too. This company's plans almost always include maternity for no extra cost. This is indeed a popular company in this state.

Golden Rule (United Healthcare) also offers Health Plans in Maryland. These plans are very competitive and the Network is large. Great PPO and HSA plans offered.


-Blue Cross Blue Shield Families may realize substantial savings by submitting separate applications for each individual as opposed to a family application. The savings seem to be greatest for a two parent (adult)-one child family especially when there is a notable age difference between the parents (adult)

-Blue Cross will accept domestic partner family applications.

The Role of the "Health Insurance Broker" by Jimmy Wild

A health insurance broker is just like any other type of broker; this one just happens to specialize in the field of health insurance. A broker is somewhat like a matchmaker. His responsibility is to match up those seeking health insurance with health insurance companies that most closely match that person or group's needs.

Quality is better than quantity. It is of no use writing numerous pages of nonsense for the reader. Instead, it is better to write a short, and informative article on specific subjects like health insurance. People tend to enjoy it more.

Health insurance brokers are sought by those individuals who, for various reasons, do not belong to a group insurance policy. These individuals are often the self-employed, or those with pre-existing conditions. However, a health insurance broker will also work with the coordinators of group insurance benefits in much the same way he works with an individual. The broker is given a list of desired benefits, either by an individual or a group coordinator, and the broker shops around to find the best match. The health insurance broker then presents what he feels is the best plan based on the list of needs, and if the person or group benefits coordinator agrees, the broker usually works to get a contract signed by both parties.

Who Does the Health Insurance Broker Work For?

It's important to understand that a health insurance broker does not work for a health insurance company. Instead, a broker makes it his business to know all about the different health insurance companies in the area including their reputations, their frequency of rate increases, and even such things as the way they treat policy holders who submit a lot of medical claims. But even though the health insurance broker is different from a health insurance company, it often does happen that a broker is given an incentive (usually a financial incentive) to recommend one health insurance company over another.

There has been a gradual introduction to the world of health insurance projected in this article. We had done this so that the actual meaning of the article will sink within you.

Nothing abusive about health insurance have been intentionally added here. Whatever it is that we have added, is all informative and productive to you.

Will it Cost More to Use a Broker?

We have not actually resorted to roundabout means of getting our message on health insurance through to you. All the matter here is genuine and to the point.

Does the cost of health insurance differ if it is secured by a broker? That's difficult to answer in general terms. A health insurance broker might be able to get an individual included in a group plan that is offered by the state or a trade union or organization and in such a case, an applicant might find the rates are lower and the coverage better than if he had attempted directly applying via a health insurance company. Most health insurance brokers work on commission and only make money when they've matched up insurer and insured. That means that one party or the other (and in some cases, both parties) typically is responsible for paying the broker's fee.

Because the rates and the rules regarding health insurance are continually changing, health insurance brokers are few and far between. Most states do have licensing requirements that brokers must meet before they're allowed to work as a health insurance broker. And because these requirements are issued at the state level, they differ from state to state. But if you find yourself lost in the tangled web of health insurance red tape, consider working with a health insurance broker. That person might just turn out to be your best ally.


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Insurance Quote Puppy for free health insurance quotesJimmy Chuang is the publisher of http://insurance-quote-puppy.com. He provides more insurance information and offers free home, life, health and auto insurance quotes on his website.

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Tucked away in central Maryland lies Montgomery County and this area is fact becoming one of the most ideal living areas in the country. For many years Montgomery County has been associated with affluence but it has also been known as an area that is highly diverse. This is partially due to the MPDU zoning plan that has been in effect since the 1970's The Moderately Priced Dwelling Unit zoning plan was put into effect in order to create socioeconomically diverse communities where new housing developments are required to include moderately priced options. When this plan was initially launched Montgomery was one of the first counties to do so in the nation, however this is now a trend that is seeing widespread use throughout the country.

This is an area that is well situated to see continued prosperity for years to come. Montgomery County enjoys quick access to the nation's Capitol with is only about 30 minutes away. This has made this county a favorite of commuters who seek the more relaxed atmosphere of suburban Maryland as opposed to the hustle and bustle of urban Washington D.C. Commuters are presented with a few options in getting around this stunning area with the I270 & I70 linking the county to the Capitol region. There are also a few rail options with Amtrak and the MARC commuter rail system.

Montgomery County is also home to a thriving business sector that includes such notable companies as Lockheed Martin, Mariott International, GEICO and other public sector agencies like the FDA and The Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The success of the business sector in Montgomery County is largely due to the fantastic education system that has distinguished this county and set it apart as one of the best educated counties in the country. As one may imagine with such a successful business core and a highly educated population, there is an excellent range of homes and properties that range from quaint cottage style homes to rambling colonial estates and luxurious condos and lofts. A little something for everyone!

Justin Lee is a real estate agent specializing in Montgomery County real estate . Justin's background in economics gives him uncanny insight into the thriving Washington D.C. real estate market. For more information contact Justin soon or visit online at http://www.jdlrealestateonline.com

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Justin_D_Lee

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